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Reseller Programs


developmentz is a market leader with our VM Server offering. We have more than 1,500 VM Servers sold and in operation. Web Developers leverage our world-class infrastructure to build their own Hosting Service Provider businesses and make money.

developmentz offers TWO types of Reseller Programs.

1. VM Server Reseller Program

  • Maximum profit opportunity. You earn  75% or more of the revenues generated from each customer.
  • Reseller purchases a VM Server with the Hosting Business Tool Kit and access to the 3,000 web templates.
  • Reseller sets up clients on the VM Server platform and provides ongoing maintenance services.
  • Reseller manages the relationship with an option to outsource 24/7 LIVE technical support to developmentz.
  • The platform also provides an automated billing system for the Reseller to bill and collect client payments.

          To review the VM Server plans: Click Here or call us to discuss the opportunity 1-248-757-0276.

2. Reseller Percentage of Revenue Program

  • The Reseller sells developmentz Small Business Hosting services to their clients. Services include Email through to high-end hosting plans.
  • developmentz pays the Reseller 20% of the revenue quarterly, for the life of the customer
  • Billing Options
    A. developmentz bills the client directly for the services sold by the Reseller.
    B. developmentz bills the Reseller and the Reseller bills the client.
  • The Reseller manages the relationship or defers all Customer Service and Technical Support to developmentz.

          To review the Small Business Hosting plans: Click Here or call us to discuss the opportunity 1-248-757-0276.

Compare the Programs
Depending upon your situation and business vision, select the program best suited for you. Clearly, the VM Server Program offers the MAXIMUM PROFIT opportunity to build your business and make more money.

Below is a case scenario of a Reseller with twenty (20) customers and compares the amount of profit payable to a reseller under each program.




  Revenues/Month *


Reseller Program


Avg. Host Price


developmentz Share

Reseller Share

% to Reseller

Reseller Percentage of Revenue







VM Server Program







* Revenues associated with domain name registration or renewals and 3rd Party software are not included.

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